#200: Nightmares

Nightmares is made up of four horror vignettes with really no common denominator.  

Chapter 1 is about a housewife who really wants to go get some cigarettes  milk for her family’s breakfast.  It just so happens that there is a mental patient running around the area and also killing people.  I am not an exercise expert, but I’m pretty sure anyone I see jogging down the road is probably on a murder spree because why else would you do it?  Anyway, her husband is like, “Don’t go because you will probably be killed.”  She sneaks out when her husband is reading their daughter a bedtime story (rude).  Their neighbor comes up to her car, “Don’t go because you will probably be killed.”  Basically, everyone she meets tells her not to go because she will probably be killed.  Guess what?  The escaped mental patient attempts to kill her.  However, she is saved by a gas station attendant.  Great.  Good job.

Chapter 2 involves Emilio Estevez being very into a video game.  He is totally addicted to it.  Everyone also tells him this.  His family grounds him because all of his constant video game playing is starting to affect his grades.  He basically yells at them with some standard teenage rebellion malarkey while he listens to Black Flag.  What a misunderstood little asshole.  He runs away (natch) to the video arcade (natch) and finally beats the video game that has surely driven him insane. BUT THEN IT COMES TO LIFE AND TRIES TO KILL HIM (natch).  It ends up just eating him which is okay because the world needed one less jerk.

Chapter 3 is about a priest who has lost his faith recently following the death of a young boy in his parish.  As he makes the long drive to civilization from his isolated parish, a big ol’ black truck starts to chase him down and terrorize him.  He eventually throws holy water on it and it disappears without a trace.

Chapter 4 follows a family who has a big rat problem.  Literally.  There is a rat running around this house and the wife is like, “Can we get an exterminator?” and every time the husband says no because he wants to save money for a pool.  Hey dude, I don’t want to encroach on your decision-making process because we are adults with our own opinions about what you should do if a 200 pound rat is running around your house, but the repair costs and probable future costs of counseling for your daughter probably would have been worth dropping the coins for an exterminator.  Turns out the rat is some kind of rat legend among people who believe in legends and cannot be killed.  She’s looking for her baby.  How do we know that?  Because it is also able to transmit messages to the daughter’s poor little brain.

Overall, this movie was pretty dull.  The chapters are predictable and it doesn’t really have a unifying thought (other than the people in these chapters seem to be stupid jerks).  This would probably be fun to watch for like Halloween if you don’t want to be scared or entertained.

Total Movie Count: 200

In-Theater: 41 

At Home: 159